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ENDURANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts

ENDURANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts

Delicious mixed nuts snacks with benefits. 

Ideal for running, biking, swimming, aerobic activities, a pre-workout/post-workout snack, your afternoon pick me up or snacking on the go. Each serving of endurance blend is packed with hunger-crushing protein, fiber and healthy fats.

With perfectly roasted texture and crunchy taste - even the toughest critics will be convinced that eating healthy snacks can be delicious. Go ahead, indulge yourself.

5 pouches in a box
Ingredients: almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, salt

Six-month shelf life from production
Remove shells off pistachios before consuming

  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Plant Protein
  • No Added Oils or Sugars
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Snack On Nuts - Endurance Mixed Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Pecans - Nutrient Dense and Magnesium Dense Snacks with Numerous Health Benefits

Experience the benefits

Our mixed nuts are a natural source of copper, magnesium, vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamine, potassium, and calcium. These nutrients:

• Boost performance
• Aid muscle function and repair
• Speed up recovery
• Reduce inflammation
• Prevent muscle cramps

Elevate your well-being with every bite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Georges J. (Canada)
Love the Nuts

When I am hungry , this is my favorite snack! I put the packs in the freezer and they taste great. The amount of nuts is just right for my calories intake.

Elizabeth M. (Canada)
Goes beyond the stars

I have been looking for a fresh, healthy and nutritious snack to replace the unhealthy alternatives. Snack on nuts did just that, and now I have peace of mind that the snack I’m eating is not only delicious but has so many health benefits. Simply put, you cannot go wrong ordering from them, they are local, have a genuine passion for creating the freshest nuts possible and are extremely helpful. Mark suggested the endurance and it quickly became my favourite! The snack portions are perfect for on the go, and the 5 pack box comes conveniently to place in my office drawer for a quick snack. I will be ordering again and again knowing that nothing beats their taste and quality!

Rabih B. (Canada)
The perfect fit!

The experience was very pleasant from buying to delivery - their team is very professional and engaging. The packaging can fit anywhere and the nuts are delicious! I am excited to try the rest of their product lines, but definitely this one is a winner!

Pauline S. (Canada)
Délicieux et frais

Un goût délicieux et un produit d’une telle fraîcheur. Parfaite collation pour moi ou mon petit.
J’adore. 💛

Ivana G. (Germany)
For many kilometers

On weekends when we go cycling, we know what the whole group eats during the breaks.Bfore it was chips and chocolate, but after this perfect mixture you don't need it anymore!

Snack On Nuts - Always Fresh: Daily Small Batch Rotisserie Dry Roasted Cashews. Perfect Crunchiness and Quality Guaranteed.

Always fresh

The nuts are prepared daily in small batch using a dry roast technique that was perfected through the years to obtain the perfect crunchiness and taste. Only quality nuts are used in our packages.

Nutrition Facts Full Detail - Snack On Nuts Endurance Mixed Nuts Single Pouch Serving - Nutrient Dense Foods, High in copper, magnesium, vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamine, potassium and calcium

List of ingredients

Ingredients: Dry roasted almonds • Dry roasted cashews • Dry roasted pistachios • Raw pecans • Salt.

Contains: In-shell pistachios.

May contain: Other tree nuts • Peanuts • Shell • Shell fragments.

Remove shells off pistachios before consuming