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    Based on 70 reviews
    Super bonne collation

    Quel bonne source énergie que de savourer une collation de ce style..1 par jour c pas assez :)

    ENDURANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts
    Kimberley L. (Canada)
    Endurance snacks

    These nuts are a great mixture and so perfect for on the go or just snacking on

    FLEXIBILITY - 5 packs mixed nuts
    Kimberley L. (Canada)
    Mixed snack nuts

    Great taste, flavours, great for on the go snacking


    Wonderful variety all nice and fresh. I find I need only half the pack to satisfy me, so double the pleasure.

    Très bon

    Excellent mélange et service rapide


    Found the blue packet to be mostly pistachios very little other nuts

    BALANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts
    Jean-François N. (Canada)

    BALANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts


    Très satisfaite


    Je les adore vraiment bonne merci beaucoup pour vaut bon produit

    Qualité du produit

    Je recommande ce produit à tout le monde, produit frais à souhait et bonnes quantités dans les sachets. Merci xx

    Merveilleuse noix.

    J'adore vos produits, les mélanges sont vraiment délicieux.

    Great nuts



    Frais variés portions qui s amènent bien merci

    VARIETY PACK - 20 packs mixed nuts
    Vanessa N. (United States)
    Great Snacks!

    These snacks are guilt-free. I enjoy it during my studies and also after my workouts. They became my go-to snacks. They are not salty and not greasy and the package is small and easy to pack. Also, the ingredients are fresh and crunchy. Love it !

    Variety Pack

    I love the variety pack. The nuts are fresh and thank goodness they're ndividually packed or I'd eat them all at once.

    Happy first timer

    Received my first order and love them. Great quality, perfect snack size and lightly salted. Check all the boxes, I’m hooked.

    Mixed Nuts Review

    I recently received my shipment. I am happy with my purchase. The nuts are very tasty with no extra salt, etc. They are a great snack. There us a nice selection of nuts and seeds and they fill the gap when I am feeling hungry. U will order again.


    The nuts were incredible but I didn’t read the card
    Don’t eat the shells

    Thank you, Roger, for your positive comments on the incredible taste of our Flexibility mixed nuts. We appreciate your feedback about the pistachio shells. Each Flexibility Pack includes a reminder card, and on the back of every pouch, clear instructions guide you to remove shells from in-shell pistachios. Additionally, our product page lists ingredients, emphasizing the need to 'remove shells off pistachios before consuming.' We value your feedback and are here to enhance your experience. If there's anything specific we can do, please let us know. We hope to turn your experience into a 5-star one!

    ENDURANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts
    Georges J. (Canada)
    Love the Nuts

    When I am hungry , this is my favorite snack! I put the packs in the freezer and they taste great. The amount of nuts is just right for my calories intake.

    Amazing for Travel!!

    The variety pack from was a game-changer for our 8-hour trip to Boston. These snack packs were not only incredibly tasty and fresh but also kept us energized and satisfied. Sharing them made the journey even better, and they helped us avoid unhealthy pit stops for snacks. Compared to other options, these mixed nuts are the best I've ever had, with pure and clean ingredients setting them apart. A must-try for a delicious and guilt-free snack on the go!

    Exceptional Nuts

    These nuts are a true sensory delight, each bite is bursting with rich, authentic nutty goodness. They're perfectly roasted, enhancing their natural flavors without overwhelming them. The balance of salt and seasoning is impeccable, making them incredibly addictive.
    They offer a premium snacking experience, from their freshness and flavor to their texture and versatility. If you're looking to elevate your nut game, I wholeheartedly recommend giving these nuts a try!

    Snack on Nuts

    Great service…great price…great product. Well worth the purchase! Three generations in our family love them as snacks.

    Snack on nuts

    Amazing customer service the product is top quality. I tried strength force amazing boost of energy.

    VARIETY PACK - 20 packs mixed nuts
    Deana B. (United Kingdom)
    Healthy ready to go snack!

    Just perfect amount, packed with nutritious value and high energy pick me up snack! As a family we loved each pack but my favourite is the energy blend as it’s got my fav nuts. In particular I like the packaging and size, easy to pack and grab on the go!

    ENDURANCE - 5 packs mixed nuts
    Elizabeth M. (Canada)
    Goes beyond the stars

    I have been looking for a fresh, healthy and nutritious snack to replace the unhealthy alternatives. Snack on nuts did just that, and now I have peace of mind that the snack I’m eating is not only delicious but has so many health benefits. Simply put, you cannot go wrong ordering from them, they are local, have a genuine passion for creating the freshest nuts possible and are extremely helpful. Mark suggested the endurance and it quickly became my favourite! The snack portions are perfect for on the go, and the 5 pack box comes conveniently to place in my office drawer for a quick snack. I will be ordering again and again knowing that nothing beats their taste and quality!